Welcome to Tel Tech Canada Inc

We are a installation and repair services supplier, and manufacturer and supplier of most types of metal work (copper, steel and aluminum) for grounding, cable ladder, relay racks and associated shelving products for the telecommunications, broadband and data services industry.

We also do structural work including equipment enclosures (cabinets, shelters, portable bldgs, etc.). new and extensions to existing.

Tel Tech is a supplier of:
  • Relay Racks
  • Connectorized Cables
  • Fuse Panels
  • Cable Ladder
  • Ground Bar assemblies
  • OEM products and solutions for Telecommunications, Broadband and Data systems, DC, AC, Diesel, Solar and Wind Generation Power requirements
  • Custom and industry standard solutions
  • Telecom Installation & Repair services (voice, internet, TV)
  • Installation, commissioning, logistics, marshalling & shipping and project management services
  • Resources to staff short and long term contractual positions in:
    • Engineering
    • Spec Writing
    • Project Management
    • Network Operations and Maintenance
Tel Tech Staff have been trained in the proper installation standards for all types of Power (AC, DC, Wind Generation), Iron-work, Switching, Fiber and Transmission equipment. Our manufacturing sector has been in operation since 1992 to provide standard and custom solutions to meet your needs.